Asia. Delicious, flavourful Asia. What to expect and what not. No one really has a clue, except for those few billions of Asians who make up more than half of the world’s population. But one thing is for sure: The simpler the food, the better it will be. We realise, of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but we’re pretty sure that by the end of this journey, you will get what we mean.

We’ve had our share of fancy meals in Asia at places where celebrity chefs in white coats churn out their fancied-up versions of traditional food. Yet, none of those places can indulge us in the genuine elements of food prepared by the street vendors down the road, who have dedicated their entire lives to perfecting one dish.

Mr Hiro was just one of those few billions whom we’ve had the honor to meet on our journey, strolling around the food markets and districts of Asia trying to find traditional recipes. Together, we’ve perched on small plastic stools slurping up cheap, tasty food, because this is the thing about most Asian countries – there's a culture of good food that runs deep and true, that has nothing to do with fancy restaurants and Michelin stars and everything to do with harnessing thousands of years of gastronomic obsession to create tasty, affordable cuisine.

This is our story to you!


WnR Genuine is an easy option for quick, delicious street-like Asian food to enjoy at home, but probably not on your first date. Your hands might get dirty. Probably your face too! So, here’s a tip: Always keep a stack of napkins by your side!

Now, as to how things work, it’s quite simple:

  • Once online go to our website and click order now
  • choose a dish of your liking,
  • place your order, and
  • pay online.

Then, wait until the food comes at your door, and indulge yourselves into the taste of street-like Asian food prepared by our chefs.

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